The Ocean’s Motion 🌶

Regarding The “Economy Package”

I’m looking for a scientist
who’s mad enough
to clearly grasp this
crazed and crazy concept:

The tiniest of a SKILLFUL micro-stimuli,
With a little effort can provoke
A most magnificent physical response
(I’ve learned this more than once),
As well as ALL shades of
Macro-Sexual Reply
Which Profoundly (and to be honest),
Very-Physically still
Stimulate, Alliterate, add Satisfy,
While even juggling the time
To Speak in Rhyme
(Let’s call it “The Special Trick
That Works Every Time”).

GBD Hot Entree; “SHOW PONY” 🌶

Photo courtesy of @notesfromouternet


I was a fancy little show pony
Who grew too Larger-than-Life,
So with a Butcher’s knife
(NOT a Paring knife)
I was most inefficiently

Now I do WHAT I can WHEN I can;
This even includes Doing Your Man.

I gave him the Most Galloping Ride,
Then I broke him, so now He’s Mine;
And though he’s already bit me once,
I’m HARDLY twice shy!

I still coax and lure him on
My Fancy-Romancy and
Most Galloping of Pony Rides.

Hey, no need to buck!
I only ever rode him twice.



I tried to spare my More Serious Readers My Darker and Lustier Sides by creating two separate Instagram accounts and separating my poems/accounts as follows:

1. “Serious” and/or “Seriously Sunny” or
2. “Seriously Dark” and/or “Seriously Slutty.”

The end result?

I sound like an irredeemable degenerate on one and a sanctimonious prick on the other.

Once again, once again.



What once was hard now is soft.
Is he showering to just jerk off?
Or am I not what I once was?
He hates it when I bring it up,
But since it’s down I must inquire
What I have done to down Desire.
Am I the person to blame?
I can’t poke or stoke his ashy pyres
To inflame once spicy fires. cause
Sadly they’re now cold and tired.

Tales of my Sexual Woes ♨️



I was fun in bed, but what was He?
Boring, soft and VERY quick.
I was energetically
Decked out in full lingerie.
However eventually,
I had to initiate
Contact sexually.

It’s why he was there, after all,
So why’d he never grow some balls?
I didn’t get Dirty Talk Or Pillow Talk,
Exploration, Adoration, or more than a minute of Penetration,
Not to mention a Tingling Sensation!

The Most Amazing Thing of All?
I thought Good Sex was freely bought,
So I gave Him the
Friends-with-Fringe benefit
Which I now doubt!
I also still Regret it all, so
I choose to just Forget it all.

That’s the Way of Lame-Ass Sex,
It builds you up to drop you back,
Where by yourself, you must attack
That pesky yearning for yourself;
I’ve found this Option serves to be,
Better Sex, at least for Me,
Though solely and impersonally.



I haven’t got the time to waste
On a hot body and a pretty face;
I want someone with time to waste
On Me and My Exquisite Taste.



My, but how they roll and rock
Long like legs that never stop
The Way in Which your Words Inflame
My mind and heart for blurred-out days
Sugar Treacles honeyed sweet,
Honeyed Words I long to Feed,
Feed to You and Watch you Eat,
Suck and Feed, Grasp and Eat,
Eat those Words right back to Me.

(Thanks for the photo, @miaroseharvey )

What Can I Say that Hasn’t Been Thought?


I’m feeling skewed and most off-kilter,
Last Night I somehow lost My Filter.
Details Remain a Mystery
But I don’t give a SHIT You See!
Now Thoughts are all I EVER Say,
I never Knew I Thought this way
Until I Hear the Words I say.
They go from brain-to-Cyberpage
At a Most Alarming Rate.
Dirty Thinks Like Dirty Says,
And I’m as Dirty as it Gets.
A Dirtier Face Does Not Exist,
Nor a Dirtier Place to Put One in.
A dubious honor better Dirty,
Disgustingly Filthy, Exceptionally Dirty,
I think I like this Brand New View
Free of Scum but Dirty, Too.

Cyberships in ‘22; Smokin’ Hot to Keep it Cool ♨️

You should see that Spice at Night!

If we’re gonna try this “Virtual Sex,”
I’ll Need MORE and BETTER Text.
Not just at night but throughout the day;
This digital stuff must stimulate.
I’ve got some things I’d like to try,
Test them out, check the Size
Of all Multimedia provides,
Before we fail to learn to thrive,
And the bits of You in Me have died.
The Answers speaks; it self-replies:
This ENDS if you can’t make more time.

Just a little cybernote to say
Some sexy shit would spice my day.

The Carrot and/or The Stick ♨️


I’m the Boss
I must Declare it:
Gift Your Stick
To Please Me
Deep Inside,
Gift and Share It;
Stick Me with
Your Lonely Carrot.
Lonely, too;
I won’t Spare It
Or Miss the Opportunity
To Stick your Carrot
Back so deep inside of Me.