ARCHETYPAL: Loathing in Humanity

I wrote a more traditional poem called “For Gabby in April or May.


In the Stark Realities witnessed when visiting The True Crime Cybercommunity, the case of Gabby Petito hits Home for many people.

In addition to literally occurring in real time, virtually in front of our eyes, it also represents everything the Average Homo Sapien collectively loathes in our species:

A Friendly Foe
Deliberately Inflicting Pain
On Someone Weaker.

The Betrayed Party was
Overpowered by the Trusted Party
When Defenseless Against Attack;
Armed-Robbing Innocence of
Its Most Fundamental Right,
The Inviolable Right to Life,
Extinguishing her Flame
During her Prime;
Denying future Rites of Passage,
Snuffing Them Out
And attempting to defame the Public
By claiming There Was No Fire even while it was still smoking,
Through Post-Accessory Deception and
Attempts to conceal the ashes of
The Sadistic Crimes of Violence
Through Incestral Collusion
With the Family Lawyer.

Forgive me if I hope the Laundrie family burns in hell.

At least until they’re HIGHLY toasty.

Even then I don’t think they’d be decent for s’mores during that family camping trip where they Hatched their Plans to take Family Secrets to the grave.



•I may have a sweet heart, but it’s equally tart.
•Lemonade-making is often An Art and needs to be treated As Such.
•I can be sweet one minute and sucker-punch you the next.
•Sometimes I’m so unenthusiastic, it’s impossible to distinguish My Sweet from My Tart.
•I know FOR A FACT You can’t tell THE TWO apart.
•Sometimes I switch up the ratios to keep things sharp.
•The fact I’m even AWARE I’m Tart proves I’m working on my own taste.
•Creating a taste I’m proud of and be loud of is equal parts Fits, Pits, and Starts.
•Sometimes I’m so people-pleasing, sweet, and appeasing, I have to spit myself out.
•But the Special Spark is The PERFECT Ratio, the Golden Halo, and without a doubt, what The PERFECT Lemonade is All About!

•My BIGGEST Confession of all?
I’ve been making Myself out of Lemons so long, I need to taste VERY SOUR for a while; Maybe an Hour?
•I’ve got to warn you: this packs those punches with Power!
•I’d hate to be accused of being “Dour” by mistake, so in matters regarding Taste, I’m Acquired but won’t go to waste, even if I’m tired.
•In Other Words: What’s Tart enough for You, Is Sweet enough for Me.
•As a last resort you can stand over the sink and use me to mix adult frozen drinks.


[Thanks for use of the photo,]


I number the person narration.
If applicable,
I sound the audible narration,
Early-suss the Inspiration,
And test for story relocation
(from Brain to either Page or Stage).

I follow plot formation,
Hope for realistic
Inter-person communication,
and [preferably],
Serve as a Witness to
Authentic Characterizations.
I look at scene
Or chapter integration,
Subtly mined excavations,
Surprise alterations, and
Clever calculations.

“Are There”:
Scenes of consternation?
Scenes of degradation?
Scenes of elation?
And/or careless causes of vexation?

If “Yes,” and/or “No” ANSWERS correctly
To all alternate explanations,
I’ll show my Appreciation
And positive inclinations
With Review Documentation.

P.S. I always withhold vilification,
Even for the Quirky Prequels
And Post-Existing Compilations.

Chain Mail

This is Stxxxxx Stxxxx. I’m doing some spring cleaning. If you’re getting this text, you’ve probably seen ZERO “Up Close and Personal” ACTION with me (but if you did, you’re definitely one of the few).

For whatever reason, Knowing You has been a low-neutral-to-negative experience for me, and I have no interest in seeing you again. Assuming I ever saw you in the first place.

I don’t know why I waited this long. I should have done this two whole days ago!

Getting rid of all this Dead Weight makes me feel as free as a newly released helium balloon. I feel like I’m bumping my head against clouds already.

PS. If Gender Translation is required, THE GIST of ALL of this is:

>>“Next time you feel horny, DON’T CALL ME!!”<<

Knowing YOUR level of romanticism, you’d probably text me with a 5-word proposition and think that was irresistibly SMOKIN’ hot.