A Poet & Appreciator

Skort #1, if you’re curious

Even on My Amazon Reviews!

This skort isn’t too-short
For much-tall me;
Even at 5’11, the length
Isn’t too short or too long
To be the perfect
Length for me.
I’m also tall and skinny,
Weighing in at
The Size Small doesn’t pouch
Too wide over my narrow hips,
But I’m sure it’d stretch aplenty,
To accommodate the many
Curves, fancy parts, and other zones
Making homes on other bodies:
Some’s, Any’s and Every’s, specifically.
Just order your normal size;
I’m sure it’ll fit just fine.

Skort #2
I’ve lived in little else than varied shades of the Tranquility skort over the last 5 years. The only other thing that’s EVER varied is my size – it goes from medium to small. But that’s weight on ME, so it shouldn’t weigh on YOU.
I give this skort a 10 out of 5; in every color, each size, and every single time.

An Intimate Confession about the Modern State of Intimacy 🌶 🌶


I need to be addressed by my name,
Cry on a shoulder about my day,
Be undressed in a close personal way,
Seduced while holding hands,
Locking lips, and touching tongues,
Into a charming but disarming
Sapiosexual maze.

This combination rouses me
To a heightened state of “Stimulate,”
Where I can then be Emotionally caressed,
Set apart from scripted bots
And the rest of all The Rest,
The Only One, the “Always One” and The “Now-Forever One,”
Until I’m so high I crescendo
Into “What Satisfies Me Best.”

I need it all, I must confess,
Before jumping immediately
At the First Blush of the First Try
On the very first night,
To surprisingly-skillfully-virtually
Relieve and Drowse my “partner”
Into a solid, heavy sleep,
Assisting HIM achieve
A Most Basic Human Need,
While ignoring MINE and ME.

This constant raising and dashing of Longing
Is what ended the prolonging
Of the delusion of “You & Me,”
For we were NEVER a “We.”

Instead, this is the end
Of a confusing and illusory,
Antiseptic absence of
Sweat, friction, and dirty sheets,
Sullied by the delicious treats
Of a freshly-released
Gorgeously fluidic, blatantly Unhermetic mess of
Intertwined and inner-aligned Two-ness.

I DID promise I’d confess,
So here’s the skinny scoop
I’ll share with you:
What I find I miss the most
Of my endless list of MOSTS
Is the silly, post, inter, and coarse
Pillow talk and pillow squawk
Which reeks of actual tenderness.

These are the almost-unbearably sexy parts
I’m not too alone to forget
About passion previously shared
With past husbands, lovers, and
Prior significant (and not-so-significant) others.

So I’m well-aware
And I well-know
The number of my company
Will always and constantly change,
But my basic need for Skintimacy
Will always stay the same.

PS. Please forgive me,
I don’t know why
I’m having such
A difficult time
Processing my Parting
With the “I must have imagined it all”
Phantasm who stole almost ALL
As well as Piece of Mind.



Digital Sex is a lie which doesn’t satisfy.

Of course I can only speak for myself, but it doesn’t induce the internal friction to relieve that infernal, internal itchin.’

Whether Delusion or Virtual-Infusion, in Reality, it’s still a Physical, more than Optical, Hoaxical Illusion.

However, I must concede that for many folks, results are known to VERY vary.

Whether this variance is due to filter choice, personal preference, convenience, light diffusion, or state of dress is Anyone’s guess.

[Other than mine, though I’ve blown much time in my efforts to opine on the varied shades of Why].



Some folks post their poems on Instagram,
Thinking There their poems are found.
Some Poems are, this much is true,
But they’re the ones written by YOU,
And not ones written by ME;
No, my poems are all shot down,
Condemned to drown
In Constant Promotional Obscurity.

So I prefer to post on blogs;
The kinder and more gentle place,
And not a Giant Marketplace
Where I don’t have to be so fake
Just to share my heart and face.

I also find I like the sound
Of Where the most-beautifully sonorous poems are found.

Please know I’m not being a bitch,
I’m just finally scratching an itch
Which long-demanded to be scratched,
So please don’t take it as a
Poetically personal attack.

Thank you for advancing your understanding
On a topic which has me hopping.

The Freedom to Write

The Freedom to Write

“Freedom” to ME is the opportunity to track down every thought which captures my fancy,
Full-time and Virtually,
Wherever and whenever I want.
At least for a tiny while.

I plan to live it up and break lots of rules!

FOR THE “PURE WRITERS:” Why I Happen to Like My Pure Videos

Why I like My Snapchat Videos:
They Showcase a Lifetime of Experience

According to my acquired belief system, these videos possess many virtues and capitalize on a Lifetime’s Wealth of Experience.

Their virtue begins prior to my birth with The Invention of The Photograph and the Resultant Cliché that “A picture speaks a thousand words.”

They’re able to make beauty from the ashes of my many Wasted Years as a Wife AND in Chemistry and Algebra to Fail to Recognize a formula for success, even if it equates!

Regardless of my track record, I feel in my gut these videos marry the Dramatic Flair I FIRST began at the onset of puberty with my Ability to Phrase My Words Poetically…

Honed during my years as a writer to Think Poetically In The First Place!

The end result should be POTENT DRAMA, wryly age-fermented into one self-effacing, surprisingly-impactful, socially-irresponsible yet hopefully still-entertaining multimedia of a cyberbyte.

When that inevitably fails like all my prior marriages, I find myself paying a premium to My IPhone Memory Plan and resorting to my inherent Gift of Gab, videotaping 100% of Everything I blab about for hours. I then rely on my Natural Aesthetic to Recognize The 1% that’s salvageable and ultimately return to my aptly-titled B.S. degree in Radio-TV-Film to Edit The Useless Footage Down, hopefully quasi-coherently.

Of course, I never forget to swing by my long-term, prestigious highschool-memory banks to Cleverly Spin and Repackage this mere fraction of useless chatter about Everything into “Much Ado About Nothing.”

I hope you find them entertaining, too. Frankly, they’re easier to make than the poems, and I’d appreciate the harmless self-promotion.



Nowadays, young people “start growing their social media presence” instead of preparing to get into, attend, and graduate from college.

Is it tragic or smart?
It’s tragic but smart.
It’s tragic AND smart.

Life is played in multiple stages of Reality nowadays.

The Modern-Day Poet

Most certainly not doing It in the car!


She must talk to herself
ALL of the time,
And by her Own iPhone,
She must have been driven blind.

She ALLSO must ALLWAYS speak in Rhyme
(I know, I can’t stomach it Myself most of the time),
And A More Creative Method of Spelling
NO one should Never happen upon and find.

If that’s all set up,
Then “The Words Said By She”
Can NOW, Automatically,
Travel nonstop and
From Word-to-Text
And Bot-to-Blog,
Then Blog-to-‘Gram
And back again,
To once again
Wordplay with Those
Who Jest The Best❣️

And please don’t breathe a
Word of This to Anyone,
But she could do “It Driving”

If IT wasn’t so dangerous!


Dear Businesses I have Patronized Regularly:

If I hear Another Person Yelling me
They’re “Bringing me Something-for-Free,”
While charging a Monthly Subscription Fee,
And subjecting me to
[Frequent], [[Repeated]]
!Constant Endorsements!,
I shall SCREAM
And Promise To Flee;
Conduct My Business
Somewhere Else.

Bare Finania££y.
MY IMPACT? Nano-Minu$-0ne.
But Most Mucho-Micros I Know In Person,
At least on The Individual’s Basis,
Are the Kind of Folks who are SO MUCHO,
They Mucho ALL Their Micro Group-Impact into A MACROECONOMIC One;
So Please Remember and Forget Me Not.

A Merry Band of Nobody
Who won’t Remind You of Her Age,
Just her Loyal Patronage.



There’s not a whit of sense
To your scamming ignorance.

My heart is soft but
But my wits are sharp.
I won’t hesitate to stab you in the heart

To protect all I barely own,
Because it’s MINE!!
So how about YOU
Go Earn YOUR OWN!!??

Scammers 3.0


Clearly you mistake
My Transparency
For foolish Gullibility
And rabid Stupidity.

Sometimes you’re smooth enough
To hide your lies from me
And come on realistically;
This doesn’t hide the truth from me.

For Truth is all that’s clearly seen,
And I’m the witness
To All Moves Made
To boost your financial trade:

1. You first deceive,
2. Then FULLY believe
In your Most Faithful Efforts
And your rarely, but usually
Never well-executed plans
3. To extort me.



Why are you always watching me?
Why are you tracking my every move?

I feel your eyes on me constantly.
It’s reaching stalking levels.

It totally creeps me out.
You seem to be waiting for me to slip up,
Ready to pounce when I say…
What exactly?

Which words would send you into
Paroxysms of spleen and
Shivers of delight
At YOUR outrageously-good
And MY “Little Miss Fortune?”

At YOUR Hand, no less!
What varied forms of punishment
are YOU dreaming up for ME??

I possess no Currency,
I’m only lush with Penury.
So these efforts are a waste of time;
Surely for YOU, and
Most Definitely for ME!

There’s no treasure to find or mine.
I’m not flush, so run not rush
To find and mine
Others of Greater Account;
That’s where YOUR damnable
Treasure is found!

Regarding Scammers: WHERE? 🌶 not ♨️

Protect Yourself; Beware of Theft!

Online HERE, THERE, and
Every Single Other Where!
Though I play dumb,
I’m not a fool,
So here’s a clue or even two:

Don’t waste your time,
My fonts are Dry;
Though if wet,
You wouldn’t get
A nano-dime from me.
It’s your choice to rejoice and
Exercise in Futility

When I’M selected to Expose
Scarcely Mini-Assets So
I can then be Thoroughly Screwed,
(Instead of Sexually Screwed,
Which I’d prefer to do). SO:
Your Scamming doesn’t pay for Me,

And should I hold a single pence,
The only consequence of sense
Is Hide my Nano-cents from You
And screw you back;
It’s ‼️‼️OVERDUE‼️‼️

(Thanks for the use of the photo, @m23 )

True Crime All the Time❣️

We can talk about the
Virtues of True Crime
Another Time;
But if you like it delivered cleverly
And fairly poetically,
And if #youtoo are a fan of puns,
I’ve got a book review
For True Crime Viewers
Just like you!

“That Chapter” is THE chapter;
The Must-Compelling Read
Which compels you Must Watch!

P.S. I’M not so full of MYSELF as to think
I’M boosting HIS fame,
But neither am I casting shade
To verbally appreciate,
Both announce and proclaim,
To ALL that I like the way
That This ‘That Chapter’ guy
(He’s Irish and his name is Mike)
Scripts and narrates
His stories told and words said,
Which, while clever,
Still respect the dead
And honor victims
Tastefully and word-deliciously.
[There you go; it’s oversaid].

Password Protection


Let me answer a couple of things for you
and provide you with a few clues:
I don’t create passwords after my dog’s name, and
I wouldn’t tell you his name anyway,
So there you go:
I keep things close,
Not to heart
But I’m still smart.

What Can I Say that Hasn’t Been Thought?


I’m feeling skewed and most off-kilter,
Last Night I somehow lost My Filter.
Details Remain a Mystery
But I don’t give a SHIT You See!
Now Thoughts are all I EVER Say,
I never Knew I Thought this way
Until I Hear the Words I say.
They go from brain-to-Cyberpage
At a Most Alarming Rate.
Dirty Thinks Like Dirty Says,
And I’m as Dirty as it Gets.
A Dirtier Face Does Not Exist,
Nor a Dirtier Place to Put One in.
A dubious honor better Dirty,
Disgustingly Filthy, Exceptionally Dirty,
I think I like this Brand New View
Free of Scum but Dirty, Too.