What a Waste! In Bite-Size


What a waste of talent!
What a waste of “good talent” taste!
What a waste of perfectly-good, perfectly-gifted talent!
What a waste of Past, Present, and Future Acclaim!
What a waste of space!
What a waste of formerly-spacious taste!
Why waste the taste if you can just erase it?
I’ll bet he’d like to erase HIS mistakes!
The greatest collective waste?
His Lessons Learned along the way.

We’ll overlook a bruise or two,
But Profuse Moral Exsanguination
Requires frequent, regular,
Repeat Offender
Further Review.

I wrote this short one first, which I like, but I took it down the Rabbit Hole to the longer version. I often don’t know if I’m making things better or worse when I do this. Pouring over with a fine tooth comb glares out typos, but it can also lead to Over-Do Which is what I Often-Do!