8 Months and 8 Minutes, Post-Haste & Post-Ghost

This transcription shit is the bomb.
It is a poetic rocket for me to docket
All the poetic thoughts, poetic words
I cuff off the fly
In rhyme
At the drop of a dime,
Crafted in the rough
While still in my mind.

I returned to them time after time,
You know that renewing and reviewing
Our digital history
Will clear the view for me,
Renew my hostility,
Want you to come through for me,

All the while ignoring me,
denying me,
refusing me,
confusing me
and deluding me,
not to mention edulding me.

You can be elusive,
abusive and passive-aggressive,
but I will be aggressive-passive;
I will be transparent.
I will be clarifying
And not denying
In the face of cruel opacity.

I refuse to lead YOU
Down a path
Too dark for
You too to see.
This is the inherent difference
Between me to you
And you to me.
You are the heart
I fashioned with passion.

[bark, bark, bark, bark]

Your passion must be great,
Through the filter
Which you choose to use,
And bear in mind
The choice was made
BY you TO
REstrain your words
In the first place!

[bark, bark, bark, bark]

Not provide me
A sheltering base
From monsoon rains
And light showers
For eternal hours
Which have engulfed me
Time and time again,
Keep sweeping you away.

And all that YOU don’t profess
Or say leaves me lurched in pain,
Tied in knot to toxic love
I can’t untie
Transcend, unfold.

[bark, bark, bark, bark, bark]

I asked you to simply answer me,
You deny me every single plea.
I know there must be
Strong and prolonging longing
In your heart for me,
Prolonging MY depart from THEE,
But departure is in store for me
And a future not for US & WE.

I must to set MYSELF new free
To fly high above again,
But I’m sullen, broken
Down below.
Damn how I wish!
Your damned ghost would go!

It’s okay, I’m okay this way.
Divorce doesn’t equate to
Inability to remate.
Discarding me
Doesn’t broken-hearted me,
From Here to No Eternity.

It wasn’t a Neverending Mystery
Why you ever ghosted me
Or the conclusion of love for ME.
It’s the evaporation of delusion
And the excavation of confusion
I need to restore my insanity.

I have it within
To be born again
By goofy mundanities
And vile profanities;
Regale and polluting myself
With the vilest of Humanities
And other inanities,

Just restores my sanity
Elevates me from psychosis,
Prevents acute neurosis
And the full-body incurable diagnoses
Which keep plaguing me.

I’ve consulted the Tarot thoroughly,
And our future has been
Erased by fate,
And finally at The End
For me.
You’ve stayed with me,
Won’t lay with me

Down the cards
To your joker
Poker players’ heart.
It’s time to start a brand new game.
Your auspicious fortune has been laid
Out or down or in reverse
Your brand new fortune is the curse
Which you doled out in fold to me,
Reversed, it’s past from me to you.
Welcome it; it’s so overdue.