Take an Old Bite of This Recent Favorite

“Wasted Time is all The Same.”


I don’t have the time to WASTE
Of all the days:
WASTEd time I cannot face.
I cannot WASTE my time today!
I’ll Lose the Saving of my Face,
Vilify my self-disgrace;
I must not NOW procrastinate
With all this time I seem to WASTE!
WASTE-ing time on every day!
I ONLY have myself to blame
For WASTE-ing time in such a way!
Apparently I’ve lost all Trace
Of All I planned to do and say
Before REFUSE-ing out the WASTE,
Causing me to turn up late
As All Whose Time was spent to WASTE
Abandoned Plans fucksaked away
By My Selfishly-Delayed
Payment for the Time You Paid.
About this Price I Never Paid?
I Spent It All on WASTE Today;
You were Patient All the Same,
And Never Bothered to Complain.

The Hand

The Hand

I used to be a Somebody
Who’s now content as Nobody
She sits around and speaks in Rhyme
To herself for ALL the time.
Does she burn with growing madness?
Or are Much Words a sign of Gladness?
I will never understand;
I’m just the owner of the Hand.

(Thanks @xposureon for the photo)


You think your secrets Terrify
Though I have not a clue to Why;
You think I can’t exist without
It Tears me up then brings me Home.
Home to find You in my bed,
Dreaming of a Love so dead
To You, it has been quenched of Fire.
Once convinced to burst in Flame,
Now Inspiring Cold-to-touch
Weaponry to thwart Desire
And Broken, grasp at Any Crutch.

(Thanks for the use of your photo, @aaronburden)


That Girl Right there is One Cool Bitch.
That Bitchy girl? What a Bitch!
You don’t have to even Bitch
About that Girl
Cause she’s a Bitch.
Bitchy Girls Don’t Like to Bitch,
Play Kiss & Tell, Drink Tea then Spill
It: That’s a “Heartless Bitch.”
Say you’ll always stay a bitch
Cause each of us is “One Tough Bitch!”

The Bitchiest Bitches Ever Bitched.

Sibilance and Alliteration

How do you like the way this reads?


I say Word-Sound Repetition
Sets Above from Competition;
Such as stuff like SIBILANCE:
Sounds sounding soundingly,
Sometimes used strategically,
Written words repeatedly.

Brains Sing Sounds Annoyingly,
So You would most assuredly
Be put off by My Poetry;
Particularly the Poetic
And “Repetive”
Ploys which I Refer
Plus also Plot
And then Prefer
To play in Perpetuity.

Or perhaps My Love’s Alliteration
And my Hate The Consternation
Of the Constant Compilation
Of Varied Verbal Iterations
Required to simply Clarify
The Vagaries I’m Blurred Behind?

Your Well-informed Guess Defies
Remembered Answers I can’t Find
All Access in Recent Years
Has Recently Been Denied.

The First Only Child.


I’ll admit you spoiled me a little, with your outrageous-ridiculous-silly-goofy-adorable gestures of Nothing Other than You were Thinking of Me.

You treated me in the indulgent way parents indulge their First Child while she’s their Only Child.

I loved every minute of it. To this day, I still miss You like The First Only Child misses Yesterday.

I’m NOT a trust fund, Babe!

I’m no trust fun babe;
I’ll have to trust,
Trust at least,
Or at least enough,
To trust the reason
You’re with Me
Isn’t because you believe
I’m a tree in full spring leaf
Growing stores of EverMoney.
Didn’t Mama tell You, Honey?
You don’t wanna Gal who’s Made of Money!
They fend and cope like No One Else.
And even just the Rich at Heart
ALWAYS set themselves Apart
By the Way They Love Themselves❣️
So I must trust for US “What’s Best?”
Is: Grow your Money for Yourself!


For the very life of me
Can’t fathom why my Poetry
Rhymes so Annoyingly,
And also so Consistently;
My brain delivers words this way,
So why vex myself ‘bout anything
When rhyming stays
Inside one’s head; it just won’t leave?
It’s sounds like Words stuck on “Repeat,”
In sing-song waters, lull to sleep
You, Where I bite subtle-y
And drag you to My Waters Deep
So dark that you will never see
My face as I Commence to Feast,
Consume your Focus momentarily.

So Won’t You spare a Byte for Me?

(Thanks to tracts4free.wordpress.com for the photo – always fond of a fellow WordPresser)



•Fully right-brain
•Fully left-brain
•Overly-Sensitive to Light
•Unafraid of the Dark


1. A PAST Littered With:
•Memories of Extasy

2. A PRESENT Marked By:
•Pervasive, Persistent Longing
•Innumerable Unmet Needs
•Building Frustration
•Mounting Tension
•Growing Childishness, and an
•Increasing Focus Inwards.

3. A FUTURE Colored by:
•Tides not Turning
•Limited Options
•Fear and Loathing Everywhere
•Faded Beauty, and
•An Inability to Dream Anymore


•Broad Vocabulary
•Limited Resources
•Hungry Heart
•Thirsty Soul

BAKE FOR AT LEAST 25 YEARS IN TEMPS AS HOT AS HELL (or 900 degrees, to be safe).



I have so much I’d like to share
But fear that I can’t do it there
Or HERE where there’s so many folks
I’ve known in life from different zones,
Whether short or very long.
Or only in short time zones,
But here lies the rub for me:
It’s become quite stifle-ing,
Fretting that I’m clogging feeds.
Now I don’t feel fully free
Somehow to spill out so much grief,
Dark and dirty feelings,too,
Constantly in verse on you,
So I’ve built up a separate place
To house the words whose sound
Would only serve to displease you;
Sadly, it’s where the best Poems are found.
So I’ve got a big request of you.
I really hate to ask it, too;
It breaks me up into more grief,
But also ushers in relief;
Freedom’s all I ask you see,
Just Feeling Free, creatively.
Don’t wanna fret ‘bout clogging feeds
Or offending you with written reads,
So if you know me personally,
And THAT’S why you opt to follow me,
Please kindly only follow me
Unless prepared to CLEARLY SEE,
Filter’s gone now permanently,
ALL My videos and poetry.
And for the record:
Though I ask, I really only write for ME.