Come (Word)Play with Me

Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I enjoy sharing through journaling, wordplay, and poetry. HERE is where I choose to:


Have conversations or monologues [it came down to that a long time ago] about sources of Inspiration, means of Exploration, methods which inspire Creation, and ALL TYPES of STORY FORMATION; primarily Poetic, but One never knows around Here! Speaking of Here, Here is where I initially hoped to:

•freely share ideas and observations,
•experiment with patterns,
•deliberately provoke,
•explore hypotheticals,
•challenge societal norms,
[blah blah blah, snooze on the revision]
•describe and analyze personal experiences,
•identify and exploit stereotypes,
•minimize macro-experiences,
•maximize micro-experiences,
•release misplaced, displaced, and [let’s pray] REPLACED sexual energy, while simultaneously
•feeding my need for immediate gratification.

All through WRITING somehow! A Dark, Handsome, and Tall Order, I know!

But at 5’11”, I’m just the Woman for the Job!

I often feel like a front-row viewer to my own Spectacular Debacles, Lapses in Judgment, Stratospheric Acts of Self-Sabotage, and Almost Unbearable Surges of Joy.

Don’t you want to watch, too?

My Latest Posts

    DECEIT I’ve been reduced by the tales of a liar,Consumed by the hunger of his fire,Abused by the fallout of deceit“Sincerely” delivered to me.Now I fear I’ll soon be expired,Murdered … Continue reading DECEIT
  • My Undoing
    I never knewMy undoingWas brewing,Leaving me stewingAnd ruingThe dayI got that way.
    WHY? Why always me-deny?Why stubbornly defyMy aching need for You to simply reply?I’m inclined to opineIt’s not a strenuous try To simply reply.So I’m begging youTo give it a tryAnd … Continue reading I’LL DIE IF NO REPLY
    HEART-BROKE Somebody help me.I’ve already felled me,So no one can tell me Words which will help me. Yet still I grasp at the hope Like a token broken spoke,Wish my … Continue reading HEART-BROKE
    HATE MY LIFE Every day I say:I hate my life today.I wish I’d never say I feel such things and ways.But what can I do If it’s all too true?And … Continue reading HATE MY LIFE
  • I’ve Lost My Mind
    Lost My Mind I can’t find any peace of mind.It’s the one thing I can’t find.I’ve wracked my mind, But I can’t find the piece Of peace I need to … Continue reading I’ve Lost My Mind
    TALES TOLD BY AN IDIOT, SIGNIFYING MUCH I’ve been reduced by the tales of a Liar,Consumed by the hunger of his fireAnd confused by the fallout of deceitConvincingly delivered to … Continue reading TALES TOLD BY AN IDIOT, SIGNIFYING MUCH
  • Shakespeare Reposted
    This made me sigh and think “How beautiful” today, so I thought I’d share my inspiration:Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? (Sonnet 18)William Shakespeare – 1564-1616 Shall I … Continue reading Shakespeare Reposted
    SAPIOSEXUAL MINDS LIKE MINEI need to feel your mind tonight;Have a meeting of the minds,Feel the sweat of mind-on-mind,Take what’s Yours and make it Mine.Please let me care and make … Continue reading SAPIOSEXUAL MINDS LIKE MINE
    Last week I had to have a dental procedure performed by an ORAL SURGEON, which required I NURSE myself back to health afterwards. It’s a good thing I’m no BRAIN … Continue reading PREOCCUPATION
  • The Salt In Tears
    THE SALT IN TEARS Tears are important. When I travel down a deep dark tunnel into a fathomless black hole of despair, I rely on my tears to remind me:I’m … Continue reading The Salt In Tears
    NOT MY PLEASURE I think your hopes for flingsAre rooted in fantasyRather than reality,Given your responsibilities,Worthy and important, too,And of highest value to you;It’s not a crimeTo spend your timeOn … Continue reading NOT MY PLEASURE🌶
  • Being Nice
  • Chances Are
  • The Collector
    I’m the rare and vibrant butterflyWhose standout stippling caught your eye. My gauzy, glossy, gossamer wings, When compared to newer things, Weren’t so shiny, weren’t so filmy; But why’d you … Continue reading The Collector
  • Not Even if You Paid Me
    I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’m a Despiser of societal norms and observed patterns which confound. I can’t understand the high Followed By: Follow Back ratios I see … Continue reading HIGHLY EXCLUSIVE
  • When You’ve Got a Hammer
    When you’ve got a hammer, All you see are nails:Welcome to the way that It feels to be fe-male’.When you’ve got a hammer,You’re looking for a hole;You like to force … Continue reading When You’ve Got a Hammer
  • April’s Full of Fools
    APRIL’S FULL OF FOOLS: 2022 HOLIDAYS Begin the Year Anew: 01/01/22Blacks are Dreamers, Too: 01/17/22Say That “I Love You”: 02/14/22Irish Beer Is Good: 03/17/22April’s Full of Fools: 04/01/21Bloody Cross of … Continue reading April’s Full of Fools
  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Thanks for taking time to read The stories which reside in me.Poetry provides a stage Where fact and fiction dance and play.Light is gorgeous,Darkness, … Continue reading Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
  • Pain in My Eyes
    Seeking but can’t findI’ve lost my very mindFeeling crazy rise From darkness deep inside Can’t fake my favorite lieThat never do I cry Pain always in my eyesMy salted tears … Continue reading Pain in My Eyes
    NOBODY KNOWS No one knows the truthOr even has a clue That I have been with you. One night is all we shared;Your fingers with great care Streamed through my … Continue reading NOBODY KNOWS
  • It’s You
    IT’S YOU It’s you who I adore,I want you more and more. I’d even be your whore, Your own Pussy Galore; Ignore your wretched snores,Believe your life’s folk lore, Let … Continue reading It’s You
  • Broken
    Don’t believe all that you hear.But if you do, I’ll make this clear:I did NOT break right away.I broke in the old-fashioned way:I EARNED it.
  • My Shiny Rusted Face
    MY SHINY RUSTED FACE I thought it must be Squeaky Clean The World I Shined for All To SeeMy Truth a Lie of base Identity:I’d scraped off all the Ugly … Continue reading My Shiny Rusted Face
  • OH, GROW UP!!
    OH, GROW UP!! Speaking More of ME Than You of YOU Means I Listen NOT to You??!!Other folks must offer upDetails of the Life they Love,Describe the Humans they’ve becomeAnd … Continue reading OH, GROW UP!!
    UNCONTAINABLE DANGER The voice I can’t escape That hounds me night and day, That screams how bad I am,Hurls insults, trash, and spam; It keeps me fast awake Every night … Continue reading UNCONTAINABLE DANGER
  • Summitting Clouds
    You kept me on a heavy, tight leash my entire life. I bear the deep scars around my neck to prove it. Of course they healed over after I gave … Continue reading Summitting Clouds
  • With The Back of My Hand:
    Or, “A Hannibal Kind of Lust” ————————— I love you so much that I’d like to Eat You Alive. And then wipe your blood off of my mouth with the … Continue reading With The Back of My Hand:
  • A Child Cries, Unheard
    (THIRD version; lyrics based on pattern of a song from 1980 I’d prefer not to disclose out of respect + watching too many true crime videos + having been molested … Continue reading A Child Cries, Unheard
  • These Lazy Days
    About we lie and laugh and lazeIn these hot and hazy lust-filled daysCounting clouds amongst temperatures risingA world of us two, and from others are hidingSharing personal jokes only we … Continue reading These Lazy Days
  • I Want To Tell You Everything
    I want to tell you everything.Every gory little detail.All of it: every tiny infraction, every act of omission, every sinful thought.Because if I own up to everything now, if you … Continue reading I Want To Tell You Everything
  • The Lies Are True!!
    Let me be the FIRST to admit: It is indeed the case And known to be apparent AS WELL AS self-evident That: All of the horrible-awful-wretched-disgusting Things YOU heard about … Continue reading The Lies Are True!!
  • I Tried
    I was here! I lived.I loved.I thought Big Thoughts.I thought petty thoughts.I pondered.I tried.I gave up.I dreamt.I awoke.I hid.I resurfaced.I laughed. I sobbed.I fevered.I iced.I sewed my soul into the … Continue reading I Tried
  • Is it Greener?
    There was a green hydrant named FredWho found Himself lost in his bed.He searched and he sought, Reasons were bought, But a thought always stuck in his head:“If THIS is … Continue reading Is it Greener?
  • I Am Fully Aware
    I am Full. I am Fully Aware. I am fully aware you’re a complete and utter asshole.
  • A Hospitaliy Mentality
    My head is home and breeding ground for useless information, idle indulgence, and stupid shit. However, it’s not all bad because I possess a “hospitality mentality.” So at least I’m … Continue reading A Hospitaliy Mentality
  • Getting a Clue
    Given the rise in popularity of the “True Crime” genre of entertainment, I decided to improve the Clue board game. It didn’t seem – to ME, at least – that … Continue reading Getting a Clue
  • The Agony & The Ecstasy
    Unspeakable Agony ORUnspeakable Pleasure ?? Maybe I’m a sequestered bohemian aesthete, but I’ll choose [if given the choice, which is implied] Unspeakable Pleasure every single time. Some might choose Unspeakable … Continue reading The Agony & The Ecstasy
  • A REAL “Micropoem”, that’s still a bit poetic
  • Promise Me You’ll Promise Me
    Promise Me you’ll promise meThat you will keep me safe and free,Aborting opportunitiesFor those who choose punch-drunkenly,High on shattered, scattered glee,To deftly and painstakingly,Once/ Twice/ then Repeatedly,Spit angry globs of … Continue reading Promise Me You’ll Promise Me
  • The Grime
    The grime is millimeters high, Visible to the naked eye,Certainly scent-able to the human nose.It’s available in a riot of disgust like cesspool brown, cadaver gray, charred death black, and … Continue reading The Grime
  • Transitive Love
    AbandonBetrayCrushDiscreditEmbarrassForsake Gaslight HinderImperilJudgeKillLieMinimizeNeglectOppress PunishReduceQuibbleRejectSacrificeThreaten Undermine ViolateWaste Wound X-poseZone Out AdoreBefriendCherishDevoteEnvelopEsteemForgive GuardHonor Inspire KissListenMagnify NurtureOver–ProtectQualify RestoreSoftenTreasureUnderstand VenerateWinX-tollYearnZealously [any of the above]
  • To No One in Particular
    Dear Person in Charge of Anything, Everything, Somethings, and All Things: I NOW constantly, but I accomplish Nothing. First I THEN’d, then I THERE’d, only to get stuck HERE before … Continue reading To No One in Particular
  • Saturday Night
    Looking good.Hot bubble bath, squeaked clean.Lotioned, hydrated, and soft-to-touch.Long dark eyelashes.Red painted lips.Little black dress.Dangling earrings.Gleaming hair.Shining eyes.Wicked smile.Longing heart.Pummeled soul.Throbbing pulse. If I drive over,Will you let me in? … Continue reading Saturday Night
    I’m a sapiosesexual: I’m attracted to those smart enough to recognize how smart I am.
  • Melissa’s Poem
    Is it so hard To satisfy your senses? You found out to love me, You have to climb some fences. Scratching and crawlingAlong the floor to touch you, And just … Continue reading Melissa’s Poem
  • Could We… ?
    Could we consider cutting away these lived layersthat distance us? Could we erase the confines of convention, societal standards, and ridiculous rules? Could we strip through our pretty painted masks … Continue reading Could We… ?
  • Throwing Stones
    You’re never happy, always mad.You keep a long list of “My Bads.”My flaws are labeled with great care. The most egregious then are shared With me and then my family.You … Continue reading Throwing Stones
  • Ever Clever Me
    If I should find myself to beThe You part of You and Me I would most assuredly Find I’d fallen into lust With ever clever beauteousEclipsing Me’s part of Us
  • “Modern Love”
    Why betrayed?You got laid.Price is paid.I’m afraid You’ve been played. Now just fade.
  • Chopped Milk:
    (MORE WORDPLAY) Of course chopped milk is egregious! But that doesn’t explain why you bent Ramadan across April’s uvula. You also oscillated over scalloped epitome, foisting your agenda 3 gametes … Continue reading Chopped Milk:
  • These Lazy Days
    About we lie and laugh and lazeIn these hot and hazy lust-filled days. Counting clouds and admiring with kisses,We soar to a time back where nobody missed us To relive … Continue reading These Lazy Days
  • Now
    I am currently in a stage of being frequently moved. I hear words in the breeze and music in your words. I’m touched by much, cry easily, am often lost … Continue reading Now
  • My Gaze is Fixed on You
    Some like to gaze at stars;I stare instead at you.Compared to how you glow,They sparkle like the moon. You light my inner darkness; Your power shines so bright. You hold … Continue reading My Gaze is Fixed on You
  • The Biggest Apple
    Do you ever think of me?Think of what we used to be?It’s true our time was very short,The briefest of carnal cohorts.Almost thirty years ago,Yet my mind is always blown … Continue reading The Biggest Apple
  • Last Date
    You’re great.Can’t wait.Let’s mate.Cut bait.Please wait.Don’t hate.It’s late.Last date?
  • Maple Glaze 🍁
    You amaze.Count the ways.Blame and blaze.Four-night stays.Latest craze.Manta rays.Starry gaze.Sing and praise.No one pays.Lounge and laze.Barstool plays.Rear and raise.Tee Vee trays.I’ll rephrase:Corn is maize.Mayonnaise.Worry frays.Morning haze.Drunken daze.The last phase.(For two … Continue reading Maple Glaze 🍁
  • God as a Parent
    Sometimes I feel like the God of the Bible is one of THOSE parents. You know them. Every time there’s something you desperately want or want to do, their immediate … Continue reading God as a Parent
  • Still Not Perfect:
    In 40 years you gave me 3 (clipped) compliments and at least 300 (detailed) criticisms. All to build MY character. Had we spent more time together, surely you would have … Continue reading Still Not Perfect:
  • Don’t Putt Up With It
    Don’t put up with or put out for anyone who puts you down, perpetually puts you in your “place,” or always puts his/her wishes above yours. Put the mask on … Continue reading Don’t Putt Up With It
  • Bullies & Heroes
    The Intimidated Intimidate.The Tormented Torment.The Bullied Bully.The Beaten Beat.The Hurting Hurt. The Constantly Criticized Criticize. And though this isn’t popular: those who abuse have usually been abused. Garbage In, Garbage … Continue reading Bullies & Heroes
  • Two Fools
    Taste me, I’m sweet like macaroon.This meeting today was highly opportune.So many adventures to plan,Drink my fill; seek to understand.Enmeshed and ensconced, I bathe.The moon’s craters burn and blaze.Too hot … Continue reading Two Fools
  • Jennifer Is:
    A. Clever, charming, charismatic, playful-but-deep, beautiful, intelligent, magnetic, and extremely generous. B. Emotionally desperate, physically-ravaged, profoundly traumatized, mentally unstable, financially ruined, damaged beyond repair, fatally flawed, and utterly irredeemable. Also: … Continue reading Jennifer Is:
  • I Still Got It
    I still got it.
  • My Worst
    You’re such a giant fucking loser. You only deserve me at my absolute worst. [[Which is now]].
  • Conspiracy
    Conspire in hushed voices Make impactful choices Ooze with honeyed words No matter who they hurt Consort in lust and luxury Extort and commit usury Flood with blue-hot threats of … Continue reading Conspiracy
  • Was It Good For You?
    I invite you to my lair Which isn’t even fair I have the home advantage Exactly as I planned it This is howMere hours from now You’ll be mine Limbs … Continue reading Was It Good For You?
  • In Velvet
    Your mad and frenzied needs Compelling constant feeds Were far too much for me You wouldn’t be denied Your hunger never died The monsters multiplied Demands were made Ransoms paidAll … Continue reading In Velvet
  • Why?
    Why is that when I feel joyous, I’m always reminded of how fleeting it is, BUT When I feel sadness, I’m never reminded of how fleeting it is?
  • I’d Never
    If given the choice I’d never know your voice If I should get my way I wouldn’t let you stay If granted to me muchI’d erase your every touch If … Continue reading I’d Never
  • The Day
    How I rue the day I stumbled in your way Saw you face to faceDinner shared and ateA couple right away Then forever-mates Condemned to life in gray I’ll never … Continue reading The Day
  • Indelible
    All your filth All your dirtWon’t come off It stinksIt hurts I wash I rinseRepeat And Repeat But nothing I doCleans your dirt out of me (Thanks @nate_dumlao for the … Continue reading Indelible
  • A Terrible Thing
    You know that thing that drives you,that gives you purpose,that causes you to get back on the damned horse,no matter how hard your life gets? Well…It’s a terrible thing to … Continue reading A Terrible Thing
    This Textship we’re now sailing on;It won’t last for very long;Will sink when other Vessels seeFlares of my Emergency;And if One bravely Rescue me,He’ll fill Me First and then my … Continue reading COME LIGHT MY SKY
  • Loved
    LovedYour doveGift from above UsedAbusedScrewedRefused
    LETTER ABOUT MY FACEBOOK “FRIENDS” Don’t find in me the Guts to FaceWitnesses to my disgrace; So much effort Saving Face;It’s become a Scary Place.Masks contain your Steely Gaze;I feel … Continue reading OLD CONNECTIONS CLOY, Part 2 of 2
  • Why Did You Leave?
    I love you. I’ve never loved anyone this much. I can’t live without you. What did you say? I can’t believe you said that to me. What’s wrong with you? … Continue reading Why Did You Leave?
Back when kids played in sprinklers