Engagement Rings by Zodiac Sign

Why must we STARt in Aries and end in March??

In other words, you’re a teensy bit easily impressed.
An emerald shape doesn’t necessarily show off emerald eyes, nor does it make an emerald shine.
I never knew Cancer was so fun before! I personally found it quite the chore!
Sorry for the aside; sorry you had to lose your mind!
I always said, though like a goat I know, that despite the birthday mine, I am highly Leonine!
Though I thought I’d know “My Virgo,” his simplistic style I didn’t know! Damn, Virgo’s need halos to appreciate good simple design on the down low! Way to go, Virgos! (But stay away from the halos, cuz often on the down low, they’re often used to pare, dice and pair them, never spare them, and THEN “over-carat” them!).
Well, this is the modern edition, after all! My mom had a beautiful ring and a beautiful watch (they both went into hock), made of shimmery opal. She remained hopeful and gave me to them again, but they’re too old, broken, and sentimental for a New Begin. Then again, I’m not Libra! I’m a Capricorn who thinks she’s a Zebra!
They’ll just put a hex on you and buy whatever they tell you to!
Well, I have a lot of sag energy in me, so I like their whimsicality, and that could indeed be the stone for Princess Me!
Well, I don’t know if I portend similar things! I guess it depends on the size of the bling!
How could I forget the Aquarius right next to us? Who can opine what those loopy dippy hippies would like in a free love jiffy? The whole thing is highly iffy.
This is my stepmother Linda’s own sign, so she deserves a ring of her own that is, quite simply, sumblime!

I can’t pretend
Which jewel I’ll end
Up with AGAIN!

I only know I bought the first one to engage me,
Received from my mother’s 3rd marriage the ring to attempt to retain me,
Had diamonds given me to by other men to get the third one to slip a ring on in,
And can I portend a brand new end?

In 2023, no one shall marry ME with a crappy, sappy, anything which doesn’t make me feel VERY SPECIAL AND VERY HAPPY, VERY FANCY Engagement Ring!

If you can get through them, some have been included in, when I tried to include Husband #2 in the cheapest way to marry VERY EXPENSIVE ME!

Talk about WASTE! I had superior TASTE, but it was WASTED, NEVER TASTED by his sorry ass.

But I expect better than a cheap rock posing as an Emerald, passed off to be a “Diamond,” only when lost and wasted at your scattered first mammogram, it never after found. So, like a clown, he claimed the cash but never replaced the stash! What a giant ass!

I don’t wanna see husbands 1 or 2 again.
And if I ever wanna see never married husband three,
He’d better get off of his own fancy end,
Bring his fancy “MY nail’s bling”

I liked the shape.
I liked the intricate shape with stones threaded in.
Maybe an Aries uptake on the solitaire?
A surprise!
Intricacy Again with Stones Woven In
Just because of the festive colors! Probably better for cocktails unless all gems were real!
Intricacy intertwined with Delicacy, 1
Intricacy intertwined with Delicacy, 2

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