Spurs Finals Playoffs, 2013

I rhymes when we win,
I rhymes when we lose.
Even when the latter makes me sing the blues.
I'd love to call last night's Spurs astounding,
Instead they bungled and took a pounding.
They showed moments of finesse, this much is true,
But they belonged to Tony Parker and not to Manu.
Green seemed unsure of his amazing talent,
Relying on Sir Patty for the spirited balance.
Against the Heat, ignited and aflame,
Tepid was our team and torpid was their game.
Where went the victors who slayed Tuesday night?
Felled by their rivals, they gave up the fight.
Yet we mustn’t forget that we're still in "Our House",
So let Mr. James think us fierce as a mouse.
'Cause there's a truth 'bout our Spurs that no one can deny:
They will rise from the rubble and will stup-e-fy
Contenders who dismiss us as already beat.
So here is a warning for Team Haughty Heat:
Watch out for yourselves as you strut and you boast,
You may have burned bright, but you'll soon be TOAST!

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