Every day I say:
I hate my life today.
I wish I’d never say
I feel such things and ways.
But what can I do
If it’s all too true?
And when did it come true?
I’m asking me, not you.
There’s nothing YOU can do
To change my mind
Or change my life.

I wish that it was true
That ANYONE could do
To change the way I see
How much my life sucks,
How very much I buck
My terribly awful luck
To hate my life so much.

I feel I’ve lost all touch,
Lost every bit of trust
Things will ever change
Since life’s become so strange.
Indeed, it’s quite inane
I always feel insane
When I am not to blame
My life has turned this way.

The one who is to blame
Is so much more than lame,
Though I won’t state his name.
I know you’d feel the same
If your life was this way.

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