Let me introduce you to my dining room:
It’s where I write my poems for You
When I find I’m not supine,
Crafting kernels in my mind
All the day and through the night;
Composing even when I lie
In bed and Grub the song that beckons me,
Woos me ever-noisily,
Gurgles stand me up to seek
Out some fuel till I concede:
“OKAY! I guess I need to Eat!”
This fix fills temporarily,
So I don’t wanna burn my time
On trifles like the food I buy.
The option I prefer the best?
Surprise! I’ve learned to multitask!
Now when I search out my words,
Food’s the only lover spurned;
Ignored in ‘waves and on the stove,
Forsaken for these silly poems.
Do you like the toasted treats,
Burnt and frosted prettily,
I’ve whipped up for you to read?

If not, what do you WANT from me?
I’m not a CHEF and words are FREE.

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